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Hotels vs Vacation Rentals

Why stay at a hotel when you can have an entire home away from home, large enough for your family's vacation needs. A vacation rental house or condo has all the comforts of home and makes for the perfect getaway! Much like hotels, vacation rentals can be used for a weekend getaway, romantic getaway or for short-term lodging. The difference is that a vacation home will offer more privacy and space than a hotel.

Rental Property Types

Depending on the type of vacation and the reason for your vacation, there are different property types offered. Different areas of the United States use different terms for their vacation rentals. Florida's vacation homes may be described as villas; Tennessee's vacation listings may be referred to as mountain cabins or appalatian lodges; the term cottage is used in North vacation houses like in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Vacation Destinations

Vacation destinations come in all varieties. Whether you are trying to find an affordable condo in a popular city, a mountain cabin, or a cottage rental in the woods, you'll find it at GoVacation! Looking for a ski vacation rental in Utah or Colorado? We have that too. If you are going on a short-term business trip to a city destination, a rental apartment, studio or condo may suffice instead of a large vacation home or villa.